Culinary Literacy for Spanish-Speaking Communities

This past Saturday, May 18th, I presented at REFORMA Colorado's annual conference. REFORMA is the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking. For those not in the know, the conference was a wonderful source of information and connection for libraries and non-profits wishing to serve this community. It's... Continue Reading →

My Museum

As an art lover, I dream of owning original Kahlos, Boschs, Carringtons, and Varos. Alas, I am but a librarian author so it's doubtful that will ever come to pass. And so to feed my artful addiction, I collect books, objets, and prints. And online, I curate my favorite bits into a Pinterest board entitled... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Plan

It’s here once again – that time of year when we reflect on what we’ve done this past year and think about what we want to do the following. Some people write down New Years Resolutions. Others clean and simplify. And yet others plan. This year I’m doing a combination of all three. Although our... Continue Reading →

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