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Flash Fiction
1,000 words and under. All genres; developmental and line edit single pass.

Short Stories
1,001 to 7,499 words. All genres; developmental and line edits single pass.

Novelettes, Novellas, & Collections
7,500 to 50,000 words. All genres; developmental edits or line edits single pass.

Food Literacy Consultant

What is Food Literacy?
Available modules: (1) What is Food Literacy? will define and explore examples of food literacy programs and services throughout the country, and (2) Food Literacy Program Design will provide a framework for creating programs and services that align with your organizational and community goals. 

Learning Outcomes: Learn about the four domains of Food Literacy and what they look like in practice. Be able to design and scale food literacy programs and initiatives to fit your library and resources.

Partnerships & Strategic Planning
Partnerships and Strategic Planning will introduce the community food assessment and explore ways to connect with community partners for success

Learning Outcomes: Learn how to strategically match library programs and services to community needs. Learn the steps of a community food assessment and how to build capacity for food literacy through community partners.

Staff Capacity Training
Build confidence in leading public demonstrations and offering programs. Review equipment and in-house procedures, including safety and sanitation. Walk-through a cooking demonstration with discussion and Q&A. Training provided by Chef Mark Dodge, Mise en Place LLC.

Learning Outcomes: Learn best practices for using equipment and leading public demonstrations. Understand requirements for behind-the-scenes prep-work, including food storage and food safety. Be able to integrate food literacy tips into food events. 

All entrees are responsibly caught from sustainable sources.

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