A Brief Chat with the Authors of Shadow Atlas: Jeanne C. Stein

Visit Jeanne online at http://www.fallensiren.com.

Hillary: What is the most magical/terrifying place you’ve visited?

Jeanne: I think the most magical place I’ve been was North Dakota. We had a guide take us out one night to star gaze and I still remember the feeling of awe seeing the Milky Way as a defined swirl of stars and not just as a blur. I’ve never been anywhere else where the sky seemed close enough to touch.

The most terrifying place I’ve visited was not due to the place, but to a person. In Paris, in a cafe, a man appeared who seemed to radiate evil. In reality, he might have been the nicest person alive but my skin literally crawled watching him. I left.

Hillary: How does place generally fit into your writing? (feel free to share examples, titles)

Jeanne: In the Anna Strong novels, place figured very prominently. The series was set in San Diego and I used many well known locations (such as Balboa Park) and infused them with magical features. In the case of Balboa Park, the entrance to the paranormal headquarters was in a hidden doorway adjacent to one of the museums. I had many fans searching for that doorway!!

Hillary: What is one place that is top of your to-go list and why? 

Jeanne: That’s a tough one because once we feel it’s safe to travel again, my husband and I want to begin with river trips around the US.  There’s a lot of this country that we haven’t seen. Then, it’s Europe because while I’ve been to several countries, he hasn’t yet had the opportunity.

Jeanne C. Stein is the award winning, national bestselling author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles, and with Samantha Sommersby, The Fallen Siren series. She has stories in over three dozen anthologies including Hex’s Nightmare’s Unhinged. Recently, she completed the third book in a Sci-Fi, action, adventure series called 180 Degrees Magnetic: Suicide Sail with co-author Jim Schoendaller which will be available in November.

Shadow Atlas will be available on November 30, 2021. Find out more and stay abreast of all updates by following Hex Publishers on Facebook. You can also visit them on their website.

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