Shadow Atlas

Here it is! My exciting new project with Hex Publishers and co-editors, Carina Bissett and Joshua Viola! Fully illustrated by the mega-talented Aaron Lovett, and bursting at the seams with some serious dark talent, Shadow Atlas is a truly beautiful book!

Shadow Atlas NEWS

20 April 22 – Syn’s Book Nook review

“It’s woven together in such a masterful…tapestry of creative minds..seemlessly bound together…This book was quite magical.” Watch the review here.

5 February 22 – What Sleep Beneath review

Another lovely review thanks to Laura Kemmerer. Shadow Atlas “is a fantastic exploration of identity, landscape, and what happens when the two intersect…and the structure itself feels like a story that would be told around a campfire over the course of several nights.” Read the full review here.

1 December 21 – Brain Matter review

Some snippets worth sharing: “The editors’ fictionalized-scholastic approach combines academia with spine-tingling creepiness and absolutely riveting adventure…It is my fervent hope that Bisset, Dodge, and Viola are already working on Shadow Atlas: Europe. This was a splendid ride.” Read the full review here.

30 November 21- Shadow Atlas Release!

Shadow Atlas is now available for order! For those wanting the COMPLETE META experience, check out the special edition hardcover, available at Barnes & Noble. Both regular hardcover and e-book can be found on Amazon. Order now for your family and friends, and get them just in time for the holidays.

30 November 21 – BookLife of Publishers Weekly review sneak peak

Shadow Atlas is a Booklife Editor’s Pick! To be published in the January journal, the Booklife review is stunning: “Dead serious in its horror, yet delightful and inviting in its design and conceit, Shadow Atlas is a rare, beguiling treat, a collective fantasy with teeth, vision, and grounded in urgent, ancient truths.” Read the complete review here.

22 November 21 – Kirkus Reviews recommends Shadow Atlas

The Kirkus review does not disappoint: “A host of sublime writers and settings create an entertainingly macabre collection.” Read the full review here.

15 November 21 – Midwest Book Review sneak peak

Set to be published in December, Midwest’s review of Shadow Atlas is mind-blowing! “Think The DaVinci Code or Indiana Jones, but with more literary force, as it comments on mortals, immortals, and the intersection of worlds which holds them.”

3 November 21 – Ladies of Horror Fiction Reading List features Shadow Atlas

Shadow Atlas is listed on the “November New Releases” list. See the full list here.

3 November 21 – Our first NetGalley review is in!

“I do believe that this is the first 5 I have awarded an ARC. Even books I think are really great, I typically score a 4; 5s are for the books that absolutely blow me away. I stumbled upon Shadow Atlas when perusing the NetGalley site to see if my favorite authors had any new books coming out…All I can say is wow, wow, WOW. I just loved everything about this book. This collection was magical to me because it’s just so unique. From the ’emails’ to the poetry; from the short stories to the ‘case files.’ And the artwork! I absolutely loved the artistic components of this book. I read a lot, but it’s not often I can lose myself in a book. A collection by various authors with their own styles, each piece of Shadow Atlas fit together like an intricate and beautiful jigsaw puzzle . . . I loved it!” –Bethlynne P, Reviewer

1 November 21 – Tor Nightfire features Shadow Atlas as a book to read in November

Shadow Atlas appears in a list of books to read in November. See the full list here.

29 October 21 – Our first review is in!

“If you’re the sort of person who likes books-as-objects, then I definitely recommend snagging a print copy of this one.” A.C. Wise writes a strong review for Shadow Atlas, including a peak at some of her favorite stories of the collection. Read the full review here.

1 October 21 – Shadow Atlas is on the HWA Bram Stoker Awards 2021 Reading List

HWA members are entitled to a digital ARC for review prior to voting. See the whole list here.

Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas


Ancient peoples knew there were lands given over to shadow and spirit. The world is full of haunted places that exact a terrible toll on trespassers. Our forebears paid a heavy price to earn the wisdom and the warning they bequeathed to future generations.

Time transformed their precious knowledge into superstition, but there are those whose hearts beat in rhythm with the past and whose vision is not clouded by modernity. Seeking to reclaim humanity’s early secrets, the Umbra Arca Society was forged. For centuries, this private league of explorers dedicated their lives to uncovering the oldest mysteries of the Americas. Armed with boldness and guile, and equipped with only a compass, a journal, and devotion to truth, these adventurers braved cursed landscapes, dared unnatural adversaries, and exposed hidden civilizations.

Many did not survive.

None were forgotten.

Their stories are maps revealing the topography and contours of landscapes unimaginable and dark. The Shadow Atlas collects their adventures.

With Fiction and Poetry by:

Mario Acevedo • Colleen Anderson • Kay Chronister • Sara Cleto • David Davies • Sean Eads • Anastasia Garcia • Owl Goingback • Maxwell I. Gold • Warren Hammond • Angie Hodapp • Jimena Jurado • Starlene Justice • Gwendolyn Kiste • Gerri Leen • Josh Malerman • Juliana Spink Mills • Tiffany Morris • Lee Murray • Annie Neugebauer • Gerardo Horacio Porcayo • Cameron E. Quinn • Sarah Read • Kathryn Reilly • Julia Rios • Betty Rocksteady • Marge Simon • Angela Yuriko Smith • Christina Sng • Jeanne C. Stein • Tim Waggoner • Brittany Warman • Christa Wojciechowski • Stephanie M. Wytovich • Mercedes M. Yardley • Jane Yolen • E. Lily Yu • Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

Edited by Carina Bissett, Hillary Dodge and Joshua Viola

Cover and interior art by Aaron Lovett

Release date: November 2021

Published by Hex Publishers

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-7365964-3-2

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7365964-1-8

eBook ISBN: 978-1-7365964-2-5

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