Gather ‘Round the Table

Excited to share the cover of my forthcoming book, available through ALA Editions Fall/Winter 2019.

So my publisher, ALA Editions has given me the official go-ahead to share my cover design! Isn’t it beautiful?

Although written primarily with the library market in mind, the case studies of culinary literacy programs in action can be used by any public-facing institution or educational organization. The fact is that every day we must navigate using a variety of literacies, including culinary literacy. My book will guide readers through the possibilities of culinary literacy education and initiatives.

Although the book goes into the concept at a much deeper level, on the surface, culinary literacy can be explained as the range of literacies involved in learning and knowing how to procure and prepare food for consumption. This includes knowing how to select for nutritional value, understanding how our food gets to our local corner store, being able to make the best choices on a budget, knowing how to store and cook the food, and much more.

Gather ‘Round the Table dives into the concept of culinary literacy while also serving as a primer to the culinary arts world. It will explain the step-by-step process in performing a community food assessment and provide checklists for implementation and sustainability. Also, and probably the most exciting meat of the book, are over 20 case studies of successfully implemented culinary programs in libraries of all sizes and kinds.

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