Animatronic Obsession


The scenes that follow are not suitable for all audiences.

Because ’tis the season, I’ve spent some quality time browsing Halloween animatronics online. Why not? What else are you doing with your Tuesday nights?

Anyway, here are my top thirteen favorite horror animatronics…if I only had $50,000 to spend on this sort of thing.

Zombie Asylum Mirror – $2550

Possessed Wall Jumper – $2929

Zombie BreakOut – $6800

Ceiling Dweller Flier – $2863

Ghost Bride Bust – $1699

Axe Killer

Fat Scab Lunger – $3650

Annabell Doll Lunger – $2337

Something is Wrong in the Morgue – $3400

Smoldering Zombie

Living Mannequin – $3850

Spider Food – $2579

The Host – $2674

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