My Museum

As an art lover, I dream of owning original Kahlos, Boschs, Carringtons, and Varos. Alas, I am but a librarian author so it’s doubtful that will ever come to pass.

And so to feed my artful addiction, I collect books, objets, and prints. And online, I curate my favorite bits into a Pinterest board entitled “My Museum.” If money and space presented no barriers, these would be on those walls and within those chambers. This collection is special to me in many ways because it is created from all rank and file of artist and creator, both “famous” and “up-and-coming,” including digital art.

For the full board, go here:

Disclosure: As these images have been collected in Pinterest, creator attribution can be wrong or missing. If you know or are the artist, please feel free to send me more information including your website or digital portfolio to share, or even to request that I remove your art from this list.

Juliana Brion




Alexandra Dillon

Omar Rayyan

Andre Aleth Masson

Leonora Cartington

Andrea Kowch

Gerald Brockhurst

Konstantin Flavitsky

Nicola Samori

The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings

Caspar David Friedrich

Remedios Varo

Zidzislaw Beksinski

Kazuo Ohno

Rose de Jong


Cesar Baldaccini

John Brickels

Ann Linnemann

Alberto Bustos

Stephen Walling

Via Grafic


Michael C Mcmillen

Do-Ho Suh


Laurent Pernot

Tsu Tung Han

Joseph zbukvik



Alexey Kandakov


Leon Taresewicz

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