Multiracial Families in Picture Books

Because this is a topic close to my heart, I thought I’d share a list of beautiful books I’ve encountered that include multiracial families.

There are plenty of multiracial families out there that would love to see themselves represented in a book. And NOT a book all about how multiracial families are normal – rather, a book where race isn’t even mentioned. In my opinion, the most inclusive books on diversity, simply are diverse and don’t try to explain it.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Blackout by John Rocco

Cinnamon Baby by Nicola Winstanley

The Hello Goodbye Window by Norton Juster

I Know It’s Autumn by Eileen Spinelli

I Love Saturdays y Domingos by Alma Flor Ada

Image result for I love saturdays y domingos

More More More Said the Baby by Vera B. Williams

Sonya’s Chickens by Phoebe Wahl

Spork by Kyo Maclear
(okay, this one does talk a little about being mixed race but in a very interesting way)

You Were the First by Patricia MacLachlan

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